Speaking and Workshops

Learning to Thrive in an Uncertain, High-Demand World (Keynote speech at Birkbeck College, University of London, June 29, 2017)

Overcoming Defensiveness in Coaching Conversations (Harvard Business video)

The Coaching Mindset Part I - Building coaching skills as a manager involves learning to switch mindsets from providing solutions to facilitating employee-centered problem-solving. (Harvard Business Video)

The Coaching Mindset Part II - Do you manage highly skilled professionals? Use coaching skills to intensify their contributions to the organization, support their learning and career development, and boost their commitment. (Harvard Business Video)

Interview on engagement, motivation, and employment trends with INTUOTalent CEO Tim Clauwaert at Reinventing Performance Management Coaching, October 26, 2016

Keynote speech on Performance Management as a Lever for Engagement at Reinventing Performance Management Conference in Ghent, Belgium, October 26, 2016


Monique Valcour Retention talk Singapore


Workshops and Speaking Topics

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  • Preventing Burnout and Building Engagement

  • Conquering Overwhelm in an Always-On World

  • Crafting Sustainable Careers for the New Economy

  • Managing Your Career Development

  • Reinventing Your Role Without Leaving Your Job

  • Supporting Employee Learning and Career Development

  • Engaging and Integrating the New Generation of Talent

  • Performance Management as a Lever for Engagement

  • Leadership That Energizes

  • Making Work More Meaningful

  • Building Positive Relationships at Work

  • Mindfulness: Tool for Performance and Well-being

  • Integrating Work and Life: Lead Better, Work Better, Live Better


"Monique’s unique combination of being a humanist and a scientist literally ignites her. Working with her was like surfing along her side on her 'yes-wave.' Her zest is contagious, while at the same time beautifully grounded in wisdom.” —Konstantina (Constadina) Stathopoulou, Strengths-based Team Coach


"I heard Monique speak at a conference for HR professionals. I had been reading her articles for years, so was delighted to have a chance to see her in person. She is a very engaging speaker. She shared interesting research on sustainable careers and made a strong case for why it’s important to support sustainable careers in organizations. She also gave concrete advice on how to do it. We did an interactive exercise that gave us all a chance to practice coaching conversations from the perspective of both employees and managers, and to get feedback on how effective we were during those conversations. The discussion was very rich afterwards.

I would definitely recommend Monique if you’re looking for a speaker, a workshop leader, or a coach to work with your company on talent management or leadership development."
—Katrien Goosens, HR Global Diversity & Well-being Officer