My job is to make your job better.

I have been helping people and companies build sustainable, high-performance jobs, careers, workplaces, and lives for over 20 years. 

I can help you:

  • create work that energizes you.

  • integrate work and life; perform better and thrive at both.

  • help your employees build sustainable careers.

  • align organizational strategy and individual goals

Clients include

How Monique can help you

What clients say

The coaching sessions provided me with a solid and trusted avenue for an open discussion on strengths, values, and goals, and on setting a work plan to increase my performance and competencies as a leader. This was a positive step at this juncture in my career development. Coaching sessions with Monique were extremely beneficial to me personally and to my career development. She is full of energy and inspirational. She assisted me in identifying areas in need of development and helped me find ways to address them in a comprehensive and efficient manner. I recall and use what I learned during coaching in work situations every day. I feel grateful for this coaching opportunity.
— Acting Section Chief, United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
I heard Monique speak at a conference for HR professionals. I had been reading her articles for years, so was delighted to have a chance to see her in person. She is a very engaging speaker. She shared interesting research on sustainable careers and made a strong case for why it’s important to support sustainable careers in organizations. She also gave concrete advice on how to do it. We did an interactive exercise that gave us all a chance to practice coaching conversations from the perspective of both employees and managers, and to get feedback on how effective we were during those conversations. The discussion was very rich afterwards.
— Conference Attendee

Monique Valcour - Professional Speaker

Allow Monique to give your event attendees or employees an educating, engaging and inspiring opportunity.

Monique's coaching expertise is built on many years of work as a management professor and executive educator, combined with rigorous coach training, certification, and high-level coaching experience in multiple industries and countries.

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