Welcome! I am a coach and management professor. I help people and companies build sustainable, high-performance jobs, careers, workplaces, and lives. 

What is a sustainable career?

My work is about building sustainable careers. Imagine crafting a sustainable career for yourself:

  • Year after year, you perform work that engages your strengths and values.
  • Your work not only interests you, it fulfills you.
  • You’re continuously learning, getting better, deepening your skills, and developing new ones.
  • You work with people who energize you.
  • You know your value, and you know how to find opportunities through your network.
  • You are able to fit your work together with the other things in your life that are important to you, like family, friends, good health, and peace of mind.
  • You’re thriving. And that helps the people you care about thrive too.

As a coach, researcher, speaker, and consultant, I help people craft sustainable careers and work with companies to champion sustainable careers for their employees. 


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