Corporate Coaching Services

A thriving workforce makes a huge difference to your organization's success. With a solid background in behavioral research, 15 years of experience developing leaders, and a firm conviction that organizations perform best when their employees thrive, I will help your organization's leaders learn to engage and energize their employees. 

Individual Coaching Services

High value, results-oriented coaching to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

  • Map the terrain: Understand exactly where you are now. Clarify your goals, purpose and vision.
  • What powers you? Deepen self-awareness, lock in on values, strengths and resources, learn to refuel.
  • Overcome barriers: Shift perspective, let go of habits that hold you back, build problem-solving agility.
  • Move forward: Develop and implement strategies that support your goals and vision. Mark and celebrate your progress.
  • Sustain wins: Build habits that power lifelong learning and thriving.

For more information about coaching services, please send me message via the contact link above.


“The coaching we did has been very beneficial to me. I continued to learn after our coaching sessions were complete. You helped me gain comfort in my own skin and in my ability to present and project that professionally, in a way that is honest, direct and constructive, using empathy with the other party. I believe I had some of the ingredients laying around, but you helped me put it together, and for that I am grateful! Over the past several weeks there have been some management changes in my company and I'm talking to my manager about a potential change in my role. The actions I’ve taken on my own behalf were influenced by the discussions we had. I’m being my authentic self and reshaping my role into one that motivates me.” 
—Software sales manager

“The coaching sessions provided me with a solid and trusted avenue for an open discussion on strengths, values, and goals, and on setting a work plan to increase my performance and competencies as a leader. This was a positive step at this juncture in my career development. Coaching sessions with Monique were extremely beneficial to me personally and to my career development. She is full of energy and inspirational. She assisted me in identifying areas in need of development and helped me find ways to address them in a comprehensive and efficient manner. I recall and use what I learned during coaching in work situations every day. I feel grateful for this coaching opportunity.” 
—Acting Section Chief, United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

“Monique is truly supportive and inspiring. She picked up the inconsistencies in my managerial behavior and brought them to my attention for me to address. She has a softly corrective approach that is most encouraging. Without any hesitation, I would recommend her as a coach for any of my colleagues.”
—Chief Security Advisor, United Nations Department of Safety and Security

“Monique is experienced and knows her job. Her style of coaching is excellent. She has the gift of listening and by asking questions, she guides you in the right direction. She was able to draw out what was bothering me from deep inside without me noticing it. She kept me at ease, always encouraging me to contribute to solving a problem. I was relaxed and felt very engaged in the coaching. Her input was simple and useful. I benefited a great deal from the coaching.”
—Chief Security Advisor, United Nations Department of Safety and Security

“Monique is an enabling coach - she creates the space for reflection and guides you through that, with well-placed powerful questions and insights that allow you to realise your deeper thoughts and set actions for the future. She can be practical, helping you to design specific actions, and yet also more big picture when reflecting on deeper themes is more appropriate. The fact that she gave me space and the excuse to reflect worked well with me - it was always about my agenda and thoughts. I enjoyed and learnt from her approach and gentle guidance. I liked the way she framed a shift to giving input, when she felt that was helpful. At a tangible level I became more clear on what I want to achieve. And, at a more personal level, I learnt to give myself a break and appreciate my strengths further. Thank you Monique for 6 insightful AND fun sessions.”
—Learning and development professional